The firm 70 years of leading law practice

We are at the forefront among highly specialized Brazilian law firms dedicated to developing tailored solutions to matters of the highest complexity and relevance. Our role in the resolution of high-profile disputes is widely recognized, supported by a long line of wins in favor of our clients and our country.


70 years of leading law practice


Conceiving the thesis of inflation adjustment

Obtainment of the first habeas corpus during the Brazilian military dictatorship

Representing the banking sector in regard to the Cruzado, Bresser and Verão economic plans

Defense of the constitutionality of the Real economic plan

Participation in the litigation resulting from the restructuring of the Brazilian foreign debt


Highly complex and relevant cases


Legal counsel in the debt restructuring of large companies in several business areas such as pulp and telecom

Formulating the argument for economic and financial balance concerning concession agreements

Structuring of the legal framework for privatization deals in several sectors

Legal counsel to buyers in the evaluation phase of privatization deals, as well as bidding procedures and in the litigation cases arising therefrom

Legal counsel in major corporate conflicts in Brazil


Major disputes and conflict resolution


Defense of the constitutionality of arbitration in Brazil

Defense of the use of arbitration in contracts involving public entities in Brazil

Legal counsel in the first public arbitration in Brazil

Representing minority shareholders in relation to investee companies when acts of corruption are present

Application of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods in corporate recovery cases

Defense of the implementation of class action arbitration

Conclusion of the first agreement in a concentrated constitutional control suit before the Brazilian Supreme Court