In addition to litigation, our firm’s history was also shaped by our contribution and experience in the arbitration field. We actively participate in all stages of arbitration proceedings, representing clients and issuing expert legal opinions even before the actual litigation begins.

Since the enactment of the Arbitration Law in Brazil, 24 years ago, we have been involved in cases concerning various practice areas (civil, commercial, administrative, etc.), many of which have had significant legal and economic repercussions in Brazil. Our experience in these complex cases has consolidated our reputation for excellence, which is reflected in many of the most prestigious legal rankings and publications, in Brazil and abroad.

Particularly in arbitration, it is necessary to be attentive to the smallest details and think strategically for out-of-the-box solutions that better meet the client’s needs. This approach is the reason the firm has been successful in transforming and modernizing its services without losing its edge and innovative essence, which is reflected, for example, in its successful involvement in Brazil’s first public arbitration, its defense of the interests of minority shareholders against investee companies, in the proposal regarding the creation of class action arbitration in Brazil, among many other examples.

In all arbitration matters, we guarantee our clients performance based in three pillars: excellence, commitment and innovation.

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