We work in the mediation of complex matters, concerning the public or private sectors, working as mediators or lawyers.

In anticipation of the promising prospects of the regulation of mediation in Brazil, as well as the positive experience observed in other countries, we took the initiative to train 80% of our team in mediation proceedings. This has allowed us to take a leading position in Brazil, utilizing the tools of mediation to successfully establish agreements that do not lead to future disputes and to efficiently put an end to ongoing claims.

With an eye on strategic action, we use mediation as a solution to matters with significant economic impact, such as disputes between creditors and debtors in business recovery processes.

Currently, Arnoldo Wald Filho is president of the Mediation Committee of the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), and Marina Gaensly Blattner held the position of President of the Mediation Commission of the São Paulo chapter of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB/SP) until 2018.

Other areas of expertise Pre-litigation | Administrative and judicial litigation | Arbitration | Corporate advisory | Corporate recovery | Real estate